Americana Restaurants is a trailblazer in the MENA region and Kazakhstan’s Out of Home Dining industry, and among the world’s leading operators of QSR and casual dining restaurants. With a diverse portfolio of iconic global brands and a dominant regional footprint, we have delivered consistent growth and innovation for over half a century – to now stand alone in our market.

The millions of customers we serve each day are placed at the heart of our omni-channel universe. Our dedicated team of over 40,000 talented women and men work with pride and purpose to create memorable moments through fantastic food, superior service and exceptional experiences.


The leading restaurant platform across MENA region and Kazakhstan

Our ever-expanding footprint of restaurants covers 12 markets throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Kazakhstan, stretching from Kazakhstan in the east to Morocco in the west. With unmatched local knowledge and capabilities, we are dominant players in our core markets with plenty of headroom to grow.


Five decades of achievement and counting

Americana Restaurants has stood at the forefront of the Middle East’s quick service and casual dining sector for over half a century, constantly expanding, diversifying and adapting our portfolio of leading restaurant brands.

From the day we introduced the first quick service restaurant to the region almost 60 years ago, we have consistently created memorable experiences for our customers, delivered positive impact in our communities and generated exceptional returns for our shareholders.


Positioned for accelerating growth

Combining unprecedented scale and in-depth market knowledge with our portfolio of beloved brands and best-in-class digital capabilities, Americana Restaurants continues to build on our rich heritage with confidence that the future has never been brighter for our business. We are investing in our people, technologies and brands to leverage the full force of our competitive advantages and achieve strong and sustainable growth.


In the years ahead, our focus will be on:



Our Core

Build market leadership of our core brands through expansion in core and growth markets



Brand Growth

Penetrate and scale our growth brands in key markets



into new segments

Launch new brands in strategic segments and verticals



productivity & performance

Deploy new technologies to drive customer satisfaction and achieve impactful cost efficiencies



value-add formats and channels

Remain agile and innovative in serving our customers in novel ways

As we enter an exciting new age of ambition and achievement for Americana Restaurants, we are primed to deliver exceptional value for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.