Committed to making a positive impact

Every day we strive to conduct our business responsibly, transparently and sustainably – guided by our purpose and core values – to serve the best interests of our company and all our valued stakeholders. We recognize that we are at the center of a dynamic and critical ecosystem of People, Partners and Planet. As such, we work to ensure that our business is not only financially sustainable but also balances the short-term needs and long-term sustainability of our employees, suppliers and shareholders, as well as our responsibilities to the people, communities and natural environment across our geographic footprint.


A dedicated and engaged corporate citizen

We work hand-in-hand with governments, suppliers and local businesses across our 12 markets to be a force for positive change wherever we operate. We apply our full economic weight – focused through our core values and adherence to international best practices – to ensure high standards across our supply chains, while proactively engaging with our communities to strengthen the impact of worthy local causes.

While our activities across communities are tailored to the unique requirements and partnerships in each market, they include:

  • Compliance with all our franchisors’ global regulations for human rights and ethics in our end-to-end supply chain
  • Meal distribution to orphanages, the homeless and stray animals
  • Funding local charities, including Down Syndrome and Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Meal distribution during Ramadan
  • Engagement with local businesses and community leaders
  • Blood donation campaigns


An industry leader in environmental accountability

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the natural environment, which we achieve through a wide range of strategic programs and initiatives. We fully comply with the environmental regulations of our operating markets, while going above and beyond to engage our customers, suppliers and partners in taking proactive steps to protect and preserve our planet.

Our initiatives focus on minimizing the environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint of our operations, including:

  • Minimizing waste from restaurants
  • Reducing use of energy and water
  • Reducing consumption and waste of plastics
  • Supporting our franchisors’ environmental commitments and policies
  • Promoting recycling and environmental awareness across our business